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About the Strikers

Schilling Strikers Bowling League
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The Schilling Strikers Bowling League is an 8 week non-competitive bowling league for SFMS students.  We will be meeting on Monday afternoons in February and March.  Parents provide after school transportation from SFMS to the Funquest Bowling Center in Collierville.  We recommend that students carpool to reduce the number of parents who have to drive. Parents are not required to stay at the bowling alley as there are 2 sponsors/coaches, bust must pickup by 6:00 pm.
The Schilling Strikers do not compete against other schools. Students form groups of 4 students that compete against the other teams in our own league.  Most students do not have previous bowling experience while we also have some advanced bowlers.  The team is coached by Mr. Holmes so there is always help for the students who need it.