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About Stock Market Club

Stock Market Club
The Stock Market Game gives the students the chance to invest $100,000 in a simulated stock portfolio. Attempting to outperform the market, students learn leadership, organization, negotiation, and cooperation- skills that last a lifetime.
Meeting Dates: Mondays 3:30-4 P.M. in the SFMS Computer Lab
Fee: $15
Application Process: Students must fill out an application and have a teacher recommendation before joining the Stock Market Club.
Academic Requirements: 
Club Requirements: 
Fall Competition Dates: 
Spring Competition Dates: 

Mrs. Baguio is proud to announce that four Stock Market Club teams placed in the top four places on the Mid-South Junior Regional Fall 2014 Competition.


4th Place

Jessica He

Amy Zhou

Caroline Bledsoe


3rd Place

Sebastian Slater

Joseph Sprott

Nathan Lin


2nd Place

Evan Ding

Jake Gracyalny

Zack Gracyalny

Jonathan Huang


1st Place in the Region and 22nd in the Country

Trissha Sivalingam

Jennifer Yang

Kennedy Trice