Schilling Farms Middle School

Schilling Showdown starts on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18TH! Visit for more details! :) #StallionStrong
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About Club Page Template

Name of Club
-Club objectives (listed in bulleted form)
Sponsor(s): List sponsor names and their respective room numbers here.
Meeting Dates: List the day(s) of the week and times that your group meets. Feel free to upload a calendar to your club's files. File must be in PDF format. Files may be uploaded below.
Fee: If your club charges a fee, list the fee amount here and when payment is due.
Application Process: How do students join your club? Do they complete an application? Is it a selective process? Or is it more informal? Describe this process here. If you have an application for your club, upload that application below. File must be in PDF format. Files may be uploaded below.
Academic Requirements: List any academic requirements needed for acceptance into your club here.
Club Requirements: As a club member, do your students have any obligations to fulfill to maintain membership (such as completing service hours)? If so, list these requirements here.
***Links - If your club is part of a larger organization (i.e. Junior Beta Club), make a link to that club below. Click "Grab links for this page" to add an external link.
***Add other pages as needed! For instance, if you wish to post service hour opportunities, these may be listed on a separate page. Use this page as a "profile" for your organization.