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Weekly Agenda September 25-29

Monday- The Geography of Japan

Tuesday- Buddhism & Shintoism in Japan

Wednesday- Korean & Chinese Influences in Japan

Thursday-The Samurai

Friday-The Nara Period

Weekly Agenda September 18-22

Monday-China: Ming Dynasty

Tuesday-China: Chinese Technology

Wednesday-China Test Review

Thursday-China Test

Friday-Rome & China Unit Recap Overview

Weekly Agenda September 11-15

Sep 11-15

Monday-China Vocab Quiz/ 9/11 Remembrance Lesson

Tuesday-China: The Mongols

Wednesday-China: Kublai Khan

Thursday-Guidance Day


Weekly Agenda September 4-8

Monday-Labor Day/No School

Tuesday-China’s Tang Dynasty

Wednesday-China’s Song Dynasty

Thursday-Buddhism in China

Friday-China Vocab Quiz & Confucianism Lesson

Weekly Agenda Aug 28-Sep 1

Monday-Byzantine Empire Lesson

Tuesday- Roman Empire Test Review Day

Wednesday- Roman Empire Unit Test

Thurssday-Overview & Geography of China Lesson

Friday-China’s Tang Dynasty Lesson

Remember...Friday Chillin' at Schillin! Students can bring a donation of $5.00 during morning homeroom and wear comfortable clothes including: pajama pants, house shoes, athletic shorts that meet the 4 inches rule, t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, flip-flops, sandals, Chacos, hats, and leggings worn with tops that meet the 4 inches rule.


Weekly Agenda August 21-25

Monday-Eclipses in History Lesson & Activity

Tuesday-Rome & Religion Lesson / HW: Constantine Questions

Wednesday-Counseling Day with Mrs. Bell

Thursday-The Fall of Rome Lesson

Friday-Rome Week 2 Vocabulary Quiz

Weekly Agenda August 14-18

Monday-Archaic Rome Lesson

Tuesday-The Roman Republic Lesson

Wednesday-The Roman Empire Lesson

Thursday- Roman Achievements Lesson

Friday-Rome Week 1 Vocabulary Quiz

Weekly Agenda August 7-11

Monday-Day 1: Welcome to Class Lesson

Tuesday: Day 2: Using My iPad Lesson

Wednesday-Day 3: Respect Lesson

Thursday-Day 4: Leadership Lesson

Friday-Day 5: Remembered For Centuries Lesson

***Lessons are available online on the iPad by clicking the Schoology APP, select "courses" in the menu, select social studies, select the "Curriculum and Resources" folder, and then select the "First Week of School" folder.