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The rest of the school year!

What a great school year it has been! We will be very busy for the next few weeks! Some things to look for from your kids:
- letter home explain Facing History and Ourselves
- permission slip to watch Hotel Rwanda
Parents- We are beginning Facing History and Ourselves! This is an amazing unit that prepares our students to make ethical decisions based on what they have learned in history. Below you will find a letter describing this course. I will also be sending one home as well! 
5/2-  Guidance
5/3- Holocaust lesson 1
5/4- Holocaust lesson 2
5/5 Holocaust lesson 3

Holocaust Lessons 4-8- we will take a look at what led up to the Holocaust

5/15- Career Day
5/16- Last day of Holocaust- we will study how to be an upstander 
5/17- Learn abut the genocide in  Rwanda
5/18- Field Day
5/19- Begin Hotel Rwanda

5/22- Hotel Rwanda 
5/23- Awards/Hotel Rwanda/adjusted schedule
5/24- Last day of Hotel Rwanda
5/25- Last full day
5/26- Half day
Facing History Lesson:
Dear Parents: It is my pleasure to welcome you as your child embarks on a Facing History and Ourselves unit of study. Facing History is an international educational and professional development organization with over thirty years of experience. The Memphis office located on the campus of Christian Brothers University opened in 1992 and has trained over 2,000 teachers. For more information, please visit our website, Facing History is committed to helping students make the essential connections between history and the moral choices they face as adolescents. We know students are grappling with key questions such as: Who am I as it relates to my identity? How do I fit into my community as well as the larger world? How can I make a difference? All of these questions will be explored through looking deeply at a historical moment when individuals made decisions about their own lives and the lives of their neighbors. Your student will begin his or her Facing History journey by looking at issues of identity and community. This introduction prepares them for a study of the events that led up to the Holocaust. Years of research has shown that a study of this history helps students understand how their decisions influence others and strengthens their ability to take multiple perspectives and consider the ethical implications of their choices. In the creation of the material, you can be assured that great care has been given to the age appropriateness of the content and the pedagogical tools teachers will need to insure adequate time for discussion and reflection. Facing History staff will be providing a series of seminars and ongoing consultation for educators implementing the curriculum. We hope that your child’s participation in this unit invites many meaningful conversations between you and your child. A parent of a Facing History student sums it up best: In no other course was she [my daughter] exposed to real dilemmas as complex and challenging [as in Facing History]. In no other course has she been inspired to use the whole of her spiritual, moral, and intellectual resources to solve a problem. In no other course has she been so sure that the materials mattered so seriously for her development as a responsible person. —A parent of a student in a Facing History and Ourselves classroom Sincerely, Rachel Shankman, Senior Director Facing History and Ourselves, Memphis office

April 17th- April 28th

TN Ready! This is time to show off your knowledge! I believe in all of you, and I know that you can do this! Please make sure that you get plenty of rest, and eat a healthy breakfast! There will not be any homework this week! 
April 17th- 21st
When you come to Social Studies, we will work on an in class project to review for the TN Ready
April 24- April 28th
This week in Social Studies, we will work on a World History Yearbook!
We will start a Facing History Unit on the Holocaust! Parent letters will be coming home soon! 

April 10th-13th

Spring is here! I hope everyone has a blessed Easter! 
Monday- Wednesday we will work on TN Ready review and prep. There will nit be any homework this week. Make sure you are not missing any work!
Thursday- Guidance class
Friday- No school Good Friday! 

April 3rd- April 7th

Monday- Teach Olmec kindergarten lesson! 
Tuesday- Mayan lesson
Wednesday- Aztec
Thursday- Inca
Friday- Test
The study guide in on the website under the Age of Exploration folder. Scroll down to the test folder and click on that. :) 

March 27th- March 31st

Monday- We will study the Colombian Exchange
Tuesday: Discover the modern economy during exploration
Wednesday- Olmec
Thursday- Mayan
Friday- Amerindian activity!

March 20th- March 24th

I hope you had a great Spring Break!!!
We will begin the Age of Exploration! 
Monday- Guidance
Tuesday - introduction to Exploration 
Wednesday-Map of Americas 
Thursday- Explorer lesson
Friday- Pic Collage
There will be a map quiz next Friday! 

Final Week before s BREAK! :)

I had to move the test to Tuesday, due to the band students going on a field trip Wednesday! The study guide in under resources on is not in a folder! :)
Tuesday- test we will review Monday
Wednesday- activity over what we have done the past nine weeks!
Thursday- Friday- Time line review on iPads 
Please make sure that you are charging your iPads every night and bringing them to school! 


Monday- Present our presentations! 
Tuesday- Heliocentric lesson
Wednesday- Enlightenment Intro
Thursday- Friday- Silent Debate on the Enlightenment
Monday- Influence of the Enlightenment 
Tuesday- Review 
Wednesday- Test over SR & Enlightenment 
Thursday- Friday- Create a time line review on the iPad!

2/20- 2/24

Monday- Quiz over the Reformation- the study guide is on our course on Schoology
Tuesday- We will begin the Scientific Revolution- Students will be creating a presentations with their groups!
Wednesday- Presentations!
Thursday- Schoology heliocentric lesson
Friday- Students will create a presentation using the Puppet Edu
LOVE THE iPads!!!!!!!


Monday and Tuesday I will be in Orlando with the cheerleaders at Nationals! Let's go Stallions!!!! 
Wednesday- Friday we will finish up the Reformation! We will have our Reformation test next week! 


Monday- Reformation
Tuesday- Reformers of Reformation
Wed- 95 Thesis
Thursday- Guidance
Friday- No School for kids
Please wish the competitive SFMS cheerleaders good luck as we travel to Nationals in Orlando!!!! 


Count down to iPads!!!
Mon- Wed- we will work on a review booklet in class! We will not begin the Renaissance until next week, because the lessons are on the iPads!
Thursday- Rollout day
Friday- Schoology lesson

Jan 23-27

Monday- We will complete our Renaissance newspapers! 
Tuesday- Review for the test
Wed- Test- study guide will come home Monday!
Thursday- I will be at Facing History training- the kiddos will do a reading with some questions! 
Friday- Awards day- we will prepare for the Reformation! 

Jan 17th- Jan 20

Monday- MLK Jr Day! 
Tuesday- CFA in Social Studies
Wednesday- Medici Family 
Thursday- Guidance
Friday- Marco Polo

Jan 9th-13th

    Please make sure that you attend one of the iPad roll out meetings. Attendance is mandatory in order for the kids to get their device. We are so excited about this digital journey! 
We are beginning my favorite topic! The Renaissance....there is so much to discover!
Monday- we will finish up our Joan of Arc book from Thursday.
Tuesday- Renaissance stations!
Wednesday- Renaissance intro
Thursday- I will be out today- review day for the kids
Friday- Medici family and Florence (one of the most beautiful cities in the world)!