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Science week of May 22

Monday-Myth Busters Mentos and Diet Coke
Tuesday-Mentos Lab
Wednesday-October Sky
Thursday-October Sky
Friday-October Sky had a day students

Science Week of May 15th

Monday-Start chapter 5 section 2 Space
Tuesday-When we left Earth "Ordinary Supermen"
Wednesday- Brainpop Apollo Quiz
Thursday-Mission Patches
Friday-Landing the Eagle

Week of May 8 Science

Monday-Career Day
Tuesday-Friday-(Family Life-Health Lessons)
Lesson one-Health Lessons to improve your life
Lesson two-Body Systems
Lesson three-Physical Activity
Lesson four-Human Growth
Lesson five-tobacco,alcohol and drug addiction
HIV Disease

Science Week of May 1st

Monday-Finish group project on Adaptations.
Tuesday- Biome Activity
Wednesday-Test on Biomes-Work on Where the Wild Things are adaptation activity
Thursday-Brain pop quiz-Introduce Chapter 5 
Friday-Why we Left Earth-"Ordinary Supermen"

6th Grade Science

Monday-Testing and Biomes
Tuesday- No 6th grade classes
Wednesday-Testing and continue Chapter 3
Thursday-Testing and finish Chapter 3

6th Grade Science Week of April 17th

Monday-Introduction of biomes 
Mrs. Hodge will show you how to download your ABC project onto Schoology.
Tuesday- No Science
Wednesday-Continue Biomes-Review 

6th Grade Science Week of April 10-14

ABC Review Booklet Due April 17th  (7 Days Until it is due)
Monday-  Lab Safety Contract must be returned signed by a parent and student.
Chapter 3 "The Nonliving Environment"-Explain how climate influences life in an ecosystem page 70
Tuesday- Lab Safety Quiz-Water cycle,carbon cycle and nitrogen cycle
Wednesday-Energy Flow (food Chains, Food Webs)
Thursday-Wrap up chapter 3
Friday-Easter Weekend-Good Friday NO SCHOOL!

6th Grade Science Week of April 3-7

Monday- "Oh Deer" Activity if weather permits
Tuesday- Population Activity or Symbiotic Activity
Wednesday- Review for Test-post test
Thursday-Test on Chapter 2-Study all powerpoints, worksheets and vocabulary.
Friday- Newspaper on Populations and Ecosystems-finish Bill Nye and Hunters and Hunted