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Welcome Back!

Hope you had an amazing and inspiring Summer.  Week 1 of Art will be an intro to the program and making class portfolios to store our beautiful creations. 


As we move into the last 9 weeks in this school year I am out of tissues and in need of clorox and baby wipes for the art room.  Any donations would be appreciated. 

Informational Meeting on Enrichment Trip 9/20

I will be holding a meeting about the enrichment trip for the summer of 2017 on Tuesday, Sept. 20th in the SFMS library.  Last year's trip to NYC was a great success and this year we will be going to Hollywood. We will have a program with Disney to learn about character building and animation as well as some behind the scenes Hollywood tours. Join us to learn all about this EF trip at 5:30pm on the 20th.  Feel free to email me with any questions.

Upside-down Drawing

Students are learning about line drawings by recreating a famous work of art upside down through very close observation of line. This exercise increases understanding of proportion, positive and negative space and relationships between lines being drawn.


The TN State Fire Marshal's Office is sponsoring a video contest to promote fire safety. It is open to all TN residents of any age. A choice of two topics "Get on Out!" and "Close the Door!" with accompanying jingles is available.

Attached is contest information for your staff, students, tv production classes/clubs and speech and drama groups. There is a $500 grand prize. The deadline to submit entries is Sept. 30th.

The Town of Collierville and the Collierville Fire Department (Education -Public Education) has helpful information about the contest, too. Two helpful Fact Sheets (one for each topic) are available. Also, you can check out the promotional video produced by both the town and the CFD! Hopefully, it will inspire many entries.

We would love to have a grand prize winner from Collierville!
Information for the Race For The Ville Art Challenge.  Design a two color t-shirt design for a chance to win!

Local Memphis Live/ Heart Interview

Chris Sims and Emery Haluska are interviewed on Local Memphis Live about being published in CARDIOLOGY Magazine.

Zoo Finalists!

Congrats to Emery Haluska, Brian Bortz and Molly O'Connor who were all finalists in the Memphis Zoo Art Contest for the Zambezi River Hippo Camp.  SFMS had a student place in each grade level of this contest. While none of our students took the grand prize they were each honored at a reception at the zoo and able to tour the new feature.

SFMS has HEART!  Students studied scientific illustration during the month of February and learned about anatomical drawings like those by Leonardo di Vince. They created heart drawings that were noticed by The American College of Cardiology.  Several students at SFMS are being published in CARDIOLOGY magazine (a national publication) and have received local media attention for these drawings.  
Students were featured on Local Memphis Live last week and Friday Local ABC 24 will be featuring a package about these talented young students in their Cool Schools segment.

End of the Year...

I would like to thank everyone for a successful Evening with the Arts and congratulate our Hall of Frame winner for 2 years in a row, Molly O'Connor.
As this year comes to a close we are wrapping up loose ends by finishing clay bells, poster designs and O'Keefe inspired cow skull pieces.  
Thanks so much for a fabulous year in Art and I hope you all have creative summers. 

Week Starting April 25th

This had originally been our TN Ready test week, but that has been rescheduled so I will now be seeing classes this week.
Last week 3 day classes started their clay bells.  Any student who did not complete their bells will be working to finish that this week so that they can dry and become ready to fire in the kiln.  Students will be working on Georgia O'Keefe inspired crayon batiks while we finish up our clay. 
2 Day students will finish up their zentangles this week and we will start crayon batiks inspired by Georgia O'Keefe.
There are no sketchbook assignments during this week as we approach testing.