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Weekly September 18-22

Monday 9/18- Chapter 10 vocabulary
Tuesday 9/19- 10-1 Notes "Layers of the Earth and Plate Tectonics"
Wednesday 9/20- Notes Cont'd- Start foldable activity
Thursday 9/21- Finish foldable
Friday 9/22- Layers of the Earth/Plate Tectonics/Continental Drift Quiz

Weekly Agenda September 11-15

Monday 9/11- Rock cycle notes and practice
Tuesday 9/12- Rocks quiz
Wednesday 9/13-Review
Thursday 9/14- Chapter 9 Test: Rocks and Minerals
Friday 9/15- No school!

Weekly Agenda September 4-8

Monday 9/4- Labor Day!
Tuesday 9/5- Ch 9 Section 2 Notes-"Rock types"
Wednesday 9/6- Rock Types Notes Cont'd 
Thursday 9/7- Rocks foldable activity
Friday 9/8- Finish and turn in Types of Rocks foldable/ Bill Nye

Weekly Agenda August 28-September 1

Monday 8/28Ch 9 Rocks and minerals title page and vocabulary
Tuesday 8/29- Ch 9 lesson 1 notes-Minerals
Wednesday 8/30- Notes and Minerals practice
Thursday 8/31- Minerals lab
Friday 9/1- Minerals quiz 

Weekly Agenda August 21-25

Monday 8/21- The great Solar Eclipse!!
Tuesday 8/22- Adaptive and assistive. Intended Benefits and Unintended Consequences. 
Wednesday 8/23- Experimental Design/Error
Thursday 8/24- Review
Friday 8/25- Test

Weekly Agenda August 14-18

Monday 8/14- Chapter 1 title page and vocabulary
Tuesday 8/15- Variables Notes and practice
Wednesday 8/16- Variables Practice
Thursday 8/17- Scientific Method Notes
Friday 8/18- M&M lab