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Schilling Showdown starts on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18TH! Visit for more details! :) #StallionStrong

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to support Jim Jaggers and Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital.

For one day only . . . Friday, September 1st,
all students and staff who bring a donation of $5.00

may wear their most comfortable clothes to school, including:

• Pajama pants / House shoes
• Athletic shorts that meet the 4-inch rule
• Leggings, worn with tops that meet the 4-inch rule • T-shirts / Hoodies / Sweatshirts
• Flip-flops / Sandals / Chacos
• Hats / Baseball caps

Help us meet our goal of

All donations go to Le Bonheur.

(No sleeveless tops, swimwear, mini-skirts, or face paint.)

STEM Agenda_082817_Revised

STEM 8  

Week of Aug. 28:

Monday: Intro to Working Interview in Schoology

Tuesday: Group Workshop/ Presentation Building Wednesday: Group Workshop/ Presentation Building

Thursday: Group Workshop/ Presentation Building

Friday: Presentations Begin

Happy Labor Day Weekend

* Skills: Dress for Success/ Resume & CL Writing/ Job Applications & Descriptions



Communications WS 8

Week of Aug. 28:

Monday: Finish Movie/ Class Discussion Questions

Tuesday: Introduction to Debate PP & Lecture

Wednesday: Vocabulary lesson Debate vs Written Argument

Thursday: Example Debate Videos & student Scoring

Friday: Debate Practice Activity

Agenda 05.08.2017




Writing 8       

Week of May 08 - 12:

Monday: Final Debates – In Class

Tuesday: Final Debates – In Class

Wednesday: Scope Magazine Activity

Thursday: Final Debates – Curtis vs Kelsey

Friday: Final Debates – Curtis vs Kuhl

*Championship Round Monday