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Students, Parents, and Guardians,
   The switch to the upgraded version of PowerSchool caused some students confusion with their grade. These problems will be solved throughout the week. Once they are, all students will receive an updated progress report for my class from me to be signed and returned. 
Thank you,
Mrs. Puida

Week of 18 September 2017

Monday-(Revised--Mrs. Puida went home sick)/HMWRK: 25 question quiz over The Hobbit tomorrow. 
Tuesday-Final Quiz, Graphic Organizer/ Homework: Write thesis statement
Wednesday-Finish graphic organizer/ Homework: Finish Graphic Organizer and SUBMIT IT! (Please refer to Schoology for the pics of the posters completed in class for examples to use in your essay!)

The Hobbit Quiz Re-take/Makeup

Anyone who:
  1. Scored a 70 or below on any of the three Hobbit quizzes so far...
  2. Was absent and is still missing the three Hobbit quizzes...
...should come to my classroom at 7:15AM Thursday, September 14.
When you get here, you will fill out a sheet provided to you to make sure that I have record that you actually re-took or made-up the quiz.
You will need to fill out the following information: Your name, class period, the quiz title, and your original score on each quiz you are re-taking.

Week of 11 September 2017

Monday—Revise The Hobbit Test #1/Homework: Finish and submit
Tuesday—Read and discuss chapters 12-13/Homework: Finish 12-13
Wednesday-CFA/ Homework: 14-16 (these are short chapters, I promise)
Thursday--Quiz 12-16, Read and discuss 17-19/ Homework: Finish 17-19 (Quiz Monday)
Friday-- NO SCHOOL!

What Does NTI Mean?

Students, Parents, and Guardians,
    Many people have asked about the NTI in the grade book. This simply means the assignment was "not turned in" by the time I entered the grade in PowerSchool. If a student submits and assignment after the"NTI," was entered, the "NTI" will stay there until their assignment is graded. 
    I grade all of the current and on-time assignments before I grade the late work. I understand that this can be confusing and frustrating for you, but I appreciate your patience as I give every student the same amount of fair feedback on each assignment. 
    The nice thing is that you KNOW the overall grade will be much higher once those NTI's are graded and entered. 
    If you are wondering whether or not your child has actually submitted an assignment, you can check through their Schoology! Your children do this on a daily basis so they can help you! Once you are on Schoology and in my class' tab, you just follow these simple steps:
1. Click on the book or story the assignment is connected to.
2. Click on the assignment.
3. On the top middle to right side you will a tab that says "Submissions." Click on that.
4. If your student has submitted, it will show their submission listed along with the time and date that they submitted it.
5. If your student has not submitted, it will say something like, "You have no submissions for this assignment." in gray writing. 

Week of 4 September 2017

Tuesday-Finish Essay (Test grade), Proofread, Submit/ HOMEWORK: Submit Essay and read or listen to chapters 7-8
Wednesday- Discuss 7-8, Begin 9-10/HOMEWORK: Finish chapters 9-10 and get INTERIM signed
Thursday- Reading Check Quiz ch. 7-10, Close Read 7-10/HOMEWORK: Finish Close Read
Friday- Q&A chapters 7-10, Read 11/HOMEWORK: None!

Week of 28 August 2017

Monday-Close Read of Chapter 1/ Homework: Read or listen to ch. 2-4
Tuesday- Reading Check Quiz Ch.2-4, Begin 5-6/ Homework: Finish ch. 5-6
Wednesday-Reading Check Quiz 5-6, Begin 7-8/ Homework: None
Thursday-Book Q&A, Write Thesis and 1st and 2nd T.S / Homework: Find 2 pieces of evidence that prove your topic sentence: highlight and label which piece goes with which T.S.
Friday- Type everything in paragraph form and add explanation./ Homework: None!

Week of 15 May 2017

Monday- Work on Vignettes/Career Day
Tuesday- Work on and turn in Vignettes
Wednesday-FIELD DAY!
Thursday-Read Vignettes
Friday-Read Vignettes/ Make-up Work

Week of 1 May 2017

Monday- Review of Classroom Rules and Procedures (Testing weeks threw us all off)
Tuesday- House on Mango Street
Wednesday- House on Mango Street
Thursday- House on Mango Street
Friday- Finish House on Mango Street and introduce project

Week of 6 March 2017

Monday- Sentence Types Quiz/The Giver
Tuesday- The Giver Discussions
Wednesday-The Giver Quiz and POV
Thursday-Text Dependent Questions
Friday-Utopia vs Dystopia

Rule Reinforcement

Students, Parents, and Guardians,
   We have noticed that at this crazy time of year, some procedures are being forgotten. Please take note of the following rules and keep these in mind as you continue your 7th-grade year!
Thank you!
Mrs. Puida
At Lunch:

3 students to a bench
Stay seated with your class or everyone gets assigned seats :(
P.E. bags/string bags are left in the classroom
No homework in the cafeteria
5 students in the serving line at a time

 Between Classes
Store headphones before you leave class-no headphones on or near your head
iPads are off during class changes

Pick up instruments on the way to your transportation, not before.

3rd Quarter Grades

Parents! Thank you for your patience with grades. Since we started using Schoology, I have been getting used to viewing submissions and grading assignments using Schoology and have somewhat fallen behind, BUT all grades will be up to date by Monday, 27 February.
Thank you! Please email me with any questions or concerns you have!

Weekly Updates

Please check the Course pages for this week's schedule! If you are in my 1st Period class, please go to "Enriched Language Arts 7." If you are in my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 6th Period class, go to "Language Arts 7."

Week of 30 January 2017

Monday- Author's/Characters Point of View (P.O.V)
Tuesday- Author's/Characters P.O.V
Wednesday-Review of citing evidence and P.O.V
Thursday- iPads (WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!)
Friday- Test over citing evidence and P.O.V!