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Weekly Agenda Sept 18-22

Monday- Boston Tea Party and the Intolerable Act
Tuesday- Vocal Quiz 2 and Study Guide
Wednesday- American Revolution Causes Test
Thursday- Continental Congress
Friday- Lexington and Concord, start of the American Revolution

Weekly Agenda Sept 11-14

Monday: Albany Plan, Pontiac's Rebellion, and map
Tuesday: Stamp Act and Sugar Act
Wednesday: Vocabulary Quiz
Thursday:Boston Tea Party and the Intolerable Acts

Weekly agenda Sept 5-8

Tuesday- 1st Great Awakening
Wednesday- Review Test, Great Awakening Video, and worksheet
Thursday- Colonial Trade and French and Indian War
Friday- French and War

Weekly Agenda Aug 28-Sept 1

Monday- Guidance
Tues- Quakers and William Penn / Colony Map
Wednesday Study Guide/Test Review
Thursday -Ch 3 Colony Test
Friday- Colonial Problems

Weekly Agenda Aug 21-25

Mon- Vocab Wordsearch and Jamestown
Tues- Pilgrims
Wed- Puritans
Thur- Middle Colonies
Fri- Vocabulary Quiz and Middle Colonies

Weekly Agenda Aug 14-18

Monday- Jamestown
Tuesday- Jamestown project
Wednesday- Southern Colonies
Thursday- Middle Colonies
Friday- Middle Colonies

Weekly Agenda Aug 7-11

Monday: Welcome and rules
Tuesday: Social Contract
Wednesday: Social Contract
Thursday: Pre-Test
Friday: Review Rules, Social Contract, and Pre-Test