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7th Grade Woodwinds

Susan Spain
Music (Instrumental)
2016-2017 School Year

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Week of May 1st

It's the final week before the concert! Every group will be rehearsing this week, and attendance is mandatory. For the Jazz band and 8th grade band, this is their final after school rehearsal. The 7th grade will have one more, on Monday, May 8th.
The 6th grade band will be rehearsing during their class periods this week. On Friday, 3rd period will stay through 4th period to rehearse with the woodwinds. This is per teacher approval. Next Monday, 4th period will report to the band room during 3rd period for one final rehearsal.
The concert information letter was sent home last week. All students will report to CHS next Tuesday by 6pm. The concert will begin promptly at 6:30. Due to limited, 6th grade students are not required to stay for the 7th and 8th grade bands. The 7th grade students are required to stay for the 8th grade.
Please make sure that uniforms are clean, pressed, and ready to go. The 6th grade will wear their gray band t-shirts, and the 7th and 8th grade will wear their concert uniforms.

Week of April 24th

Our concert is two weeks away!!!  All three classes will be spending the next two weeks working solely on the concert. Students should be practicing at home daily. 
Our concert will be on Tuesday, May 9th in the CHS auditorium. All students will arrive at 6pm. 6th grade students will report the stage, and 7th and 8th grade will report to the CHS band room.
This concert is the culmination of all of the work we have put in this semester. It is required, and will be an assessment grade for all band students.

Homework Assignment - Due 29th

Both 6th and 7th grade students must submit (in Schoology) an audio recording of an 8-12 measure section of their solo. This is due no later than midnight on Wednesday.

Week of March 27th

It's Solo and Ensemble week! All three grades will be focusing on preparing for the event on Saturday. 
Solo and Ensemble schedule:
8:00am - Student report time to Elmore Park Middle School. Report to the gym for warmup. Cases should stay in the car.
8:30am - Scheduled start time for SFMS Band students.
9:30am - Scheduled end time
Students may not be finished until close to 10am. Once they are done performing, they are free to leave. 
Carpooling is a wonderful idea!!!

Week of March 20th

This week, all band classes will begin preparing for their Spring Concert on May 9th. All three grades will be receiving new music this week. These new pieces will include counting new rhythms, recognizing new key signatures, and (in 6th grade) identifying new notes.

Week of February 20th

Both the 7th and 8th grade bands will be working almost exclusively on Concert Festival music. Students must be practicing at home! Please check your email for an updated rehearsal and performance schedule.
Please be sure to return the Solo and Ensemble registration form that was sent home last week. It is due no later than Friday. Students must return this form in time.

Week of February 6th

This week, the 7th grade band will continue to focus on music for Concert Festival. It is vital that the students are practicing on a regular basis. 
We are also working on the following concepts:
  • Concert D and Db Scales
  • Articulation: Staccato, Legato, Tenuto, Marcato

Week of January 30

This week, the 7th grade band will be working on music for Concert Festival. The focus for the week will be Summit March. We will also be working on:
  • Concert D Scale (1st period assessment on Friday)
  • Percussion: Set 2, Option 1

Week of January 16

The 7th grade band will be working on Concert Music from now until Wednesday, March 8th. With no rehearsal this week, it is important that every student practice at home nightly. 
This week, we will be focusing on rhythms that include dotted quarter notes and sixteenth notes. Both classes will also be working on the Concert G  and D scale. Woodwind players will also continue to work on Concert Bb and F scales in two octaves.

Week of January 2, 2017

Welcome back! This week, the 7th grade band is going to start working toward our Concert Festival performance on March 8th. We will be working very hard to improve our counting skills, our ability to recognize and play in the correct key signature, and to sight-read new music. 
This semester will be busy, with Concert Festival, Solo and Ensemble, the spring trip to Atlanta, and our Spring Concert. It is imperative that students are in class every day, and are practicing on a regular basis.