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Art Club- B-Group -Meets this Friday

Art Club for B-Group will meet this Friday from 3:30-4:30 PM - PICKUP MUST BE BY 4:45 PM. We wi;; be working on clay coil pots. 

Art Club - New Updates

Thanks to all students who attended the first Art Club Meeting. We discussed our upcoming clay project, as well as doing Self(ie) Portrait with the IPads & Apple Pencils. Please e-mail me with your picture if you plan to attend Art Club.
As of the first meeting, we are going to be dividing the art club into A & B sections which will meet on alternative Fridays, once a month, due to space limitations & safety concerns. YOU MUST return your form you received at Art Club this FRIDAY'S MEETING with your friend preferences to be placed in an ART CLUB GROUP- A OR B. If you missed club, still want to get a form and join  you may but must pick one up this week. We will be closing out after this week & e-mailing the dates to the A & B members of when they will attend. YOU MUST ALSO RETURN THE SHEET FROM THE CLUB MEETING TO ME THIS WEEK ALONG WITH $20 CASH OR CHECK IN AN ENVELOPE, PREFERABLY STAPLED & LABELED TO YOUR FORM. 

Thanks all! Looking forward to seeing A Group for Clay Pottery on Oct. 6th. Please e-mail with questions.

Art Club Info.

Art Club interest forms & permission slips for the first interest meet on Sept. 22, Friday, 3:30-4:30 will be outside the art room(s) for pickup. You must turn the bottom portion of the sheet into your homeroom teacher to by Friday, Sept. 22 to attend, You must have a ride scheduled for pick-up by 4:35 pm that Friday.

Week 6- Sept. 11- Value Studies

This week in 2 & 3-Day Art we will:
1. Continue to build on the understanding of crops-contour lines to help define form & as a foundation for adding value to drawings.
2. We will be drawing and shading a variety of objects from life & digital worksheets-
  • Apples
  • Egss with Flashlights
  • A Still-Life containing sunflowers, a vase a pumpkins (3-Day).
  • Spheres, Cubes, Cones, etc.
Don't forget to submit work to schoology when finished cropped & edited to the right folders for grading.

Upcoming Art Club Dates for 2017

 Join Art Club on upcoming Friday afternoons in 2017. Take part in advanced projects such as sculpture, photography, jewelry, advanced painting, printing, ceramics and more. Open to students with a high interest in advanced techniques we don't get to cover in the classroom. Fee is $20 for the year. Please bring your fee to the first meeting. If more than 20 students sign-up, we will have A/B groups that meet monthly on their Fridays only.
*3:30-4:30 PM (PICKUP BY 4:35 PM IN CAR RIDER LOT)
Sept. 22- First meeting of Art Club. Find out all the basics & try a few techniques for your art.
Oct. 6th- Sculpture
Oct. 20th- Sculpture
Nov. 3rd- Photography
Nov. 17th- Photography
Dec. 1st- Jewelry
Dec. 15th- Jewelry
(Will update Art Club Calendar for 2018 after Winter Break).