Quarter 4- Week 1 (3/19 - 3/23)

Unit 1 - "On the Menu"

What Are We Studying?

Reading Focus: Skimming & Scanning (text features, analyzing details & text structure)

Writing Focus:  Composing Process & Description Essays

Language Focus: Analysis of Semantic Forms 


What Are We Reading, Writing, and Discussing?

Monday: Skim/Scan Introduction & Thematic Discussion

Tuesday: "The Home of the Olive" & "An Oil for Life" (p.10-13)

Wednesday: "A Taste of the Caribbean" (p.15-18)

Thursday: Vocabulary Practice (p. 14 & 19-20)

Friday: Process/Description Paragraph & Quiz 

                    **Quiz on Monday (Vocabulary & Skim/Scan)


What Are We Doing?

  • Teacher Think Aloud (text features, vocabulary, text structure, grammar)
  • Group Reading with Annotations (central ideas & relevant details)
  • Vocabulary Round Table
  • Oral and Written Summaries (some w/ textual evidence)
  • Formulating Text-Dependent Questions (Bloom's Taxonomy)
  • Numbered Heads Together (collaborative learning)
  • Checks for Understanding (Kahoot, Quizlet, NewsELA Quiz, Exit Tickets)